The Meadow House

01289 304173
North Road
TD15 1UR
It is a fine aspiration for a restaurant to serve no nonsense food, expertly cooked, and especially so if that restaurant is a classic English pub, where the d├ęcor is every bit a match for the food. Meadow House is just such a pub and qualifies completely with the ethos of expert preparation and cooking to bring out the full flavour of fresh local ingredients.

And this without the pretentiousness and the cost such forays into the finer ends of cuisine usually bring. It is the first, and the last pub in England, situated as it is just a mile from the border with Scotland, and it is the first choice in Berwick for those who like the last word in honest to goodness great pub food.

The pedigree for cooking in Meadow House is impressive. Owner David Hearn trained in Michelin starred Winteringham Fields and head chef Adam Bettison is an expert in drawing inspiration and produce from the best local suppliers.

Northumberland, and especially the area around Berwick is renowned for the ready availability of the highest quality fresh meat, vegetables, fish and seafood, and these form the basis for all the classic pub favourites on the menu. Ably assisted by Edith Hearn with her 30 years of experience in preparing home made ice creams, meringues and other dessert delights, the team are rightly proud to serve an ever appreciative dining crowd at Meadow House.

The 100 seater restaurant provides the ideal venue too, for a special event such as a wedding or a funeral, and a buffet or special set menu can be provided. All at ground level and so wheelchair friendly, Meadow House additionally has a large car park and is easily reached on the A1 Great North Road, which joins the capitals of England and Scotland, perfectly placed at the border for visitors both north and south.